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Cross-border M&As in the Russian market

Cross-border M&As in the Russian market

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The Russian market of cross-border mergers and acquisitions did not receive enough attention in research. Due to lack of studies on this growing market the current work aims to examine the performance of foreign companies acquiring Russian targets in the period of 1994-2009. A sample of 96 transactions was investigated to determine wealth created for bidding companies. Foreign acquirers show positive and statistically significant returns for several event windows. Thus, on average, the results support the argument that cross-border acquisitions in the Russian market create value for acquiring companies. The examination of factors that might influence the performance of bidding companies is also part of this research. The results show that acquirer size and previous acquisition experience have significant negative effect on value created in cross-border acquisitions, while acquirer profitability show a positive significant impact on the stock reaction to the announcement of M&A deals. This book should be particularly useful to professionals working in the field of M&As in the Russian market, students of Business studies, and anyone else interested in this topic.
The acquirers'' perspective