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Communication - The Key to Successful Mergers & Acquisitions?

Communication - The Key to Successful Mergers & Acquisitions?

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Setting out to investigate how management should communicate in M&A situations in order to establish the right prerequsiutes for a successful outcome, "Communication - The Key to Successful Mergers & Acquisitions" takes an academic point of departure towards the investigation of why the majority of M&As turn out unsuccessfully. Touching upon the areas of Change Communication, Conflict Communication, and Corporate Culture the author observes and takes into account the argumentation and viewpoints of several academics and business professionals, ensuring a in-depth analysis of the relationship between communication and the outcome of M&As. Before concluding and presenting his recommendations for management communication during M&As, the author covers a lot of ground - academic as well as practical - and opens the door to the complex and interesting world of organisational communication.
Navigating Business Processes in the New Millennium