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New-Age Economics: The Sustainable Model of Hongkong SAR

New-Age Economics: The Sustainable Model of Hongkong SAR

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Labour of peasantry should be used for war and construction only during the slack seasons, so that the peasants have enough time for ploughing and sowing – said Confusious(Analects,1:5).Lessons of sustainability are imprinted in the Chinese mindset which is evident from the way they respond to a change both at Macro and Micro level.During the recent global economic turmoil,Hongkong adapted itself accordingly to tide over the crisis.New-Age Economics:The Sustainable Model of Hongkong SAR is a depiction of this successful adaptation with respect to Economics,Human resource and Sociocultural dynamics in the recent decade.The 14 chapters covering the current observations in the Banking & financial sector,Infrastructure & Human resource will enable readers to glimps the Trade tricks and the mechanism Hk-SAR is practicing.The chapters on the People and the Consumers in Hongkong with 50 Statistical representation in this book will be helpful to develop an insight in this domain.The work will be fruitful if it facilitates the trainees with interest in Economics,Finance,Planning,Socio -Political Science,Hospitality,Tourism, & Anthropology to makeout the whole picture in a birds eye view.
Neo-Confusian Practice