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Entry mode Methods for Foreign Direct Investment to Kuwait

Entry mode Methods for Foreign Direct Investment to Kuwait

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As a first-hand exploratory literature on Kuwait’s FDI ‘entry modes’ in English; “Entry Mode Methods for Foreign Direct Investment to Kuwait” is an indispensable tool to help foreign investors make effective entry mode decisions. Based on a conceptual framework, the author investigates entry modes by analyzing three categories: host country, risk factors and business characteristics. Using typical entry modes Greenfield, Merger and Acquisition, (M & A) joint venture (JV) and relevant factors, the writer helps to clear some of the existing vagueness and ambiguity surrounding Kuwait’s inward FDI scenario. Presenting readers with primary evidence, AlDabbous concludes that compared to Greenfield and Merger and Acquisition, Joint Venture (JV) currently remains a dominant and preferential entry mode for foreign investors. By providing insightful examples, the author explains the several merits associated with JV over other Entry modes. The text ends with managerial recommendations to investors, to the State FDI institutions and suggests areas for future investigations.
Influential Factors for FDI in Kuwait