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Geographical Conditions of International Tourism Development

Geographical Conditions of International Tourism Development

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Tourism in the XXI century is capable to transform features of countries' geographical location, their natural, climatic, historical and cultural resources to prosperity of local people. Due to this, an evaluation of the countries’ tourism potential and opportunities for tourism producing organization is an extremely important and necessary for effective analyzing of a current stage of international tourism development, as well as for its forecasting and planning. This study considers a tourism potential of the country from standpoints of its natural (geographical location, climate, landscape) or acquired (urban infrastructure, tourism industry development, population) advantages. Finally, a purpose of proposed book is not a brief description of tourism features in different countries, but a development of a system of countries classification based on characteristics of their tourism potential and identification of common trends of global tourism development. Textbook is addressed for university students, professionals of tourism industry and everybody who is interested in the geography of world tourism.
International College Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University Bangkok, Thailand