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Global Trends in Retail Trade

Global Trends in Retail Trade

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This study aims to investigate and present the intensity of global trends in the retail trade, focusing on countries that generate most of the retail turnover in the world.The study shows that, almost all countries participate in trend dislocation of traditional retail towards modern sale forms. The trend of retail trade outside the store via the internet is significantly more intense in Europe and in the USA than on the global average level. The share of internet sales as a proportion of total retail trade has increased steadily and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Private label trends worldwide to continue to show impressive growth across both food and non-food retail trade. Trend of the concentration in different countries is much different. The concentration in the retail trade is much higher in the developed countries of the EU than in the other countries. The leading European retailers have achieved a higher degree of internationalization of retailers from other regions. Top 10 European food retailers have realized 41.6% of sales abroad. With the internalization trend, retail has become a global industry.