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Trade Liberalisation

Trade Liberalisation

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This book examines the effects of EU trade liberalisation on changes in the structure and concentration of manufacturing industries in Spain. The analysis develops a three-region model to classify a country''s administrative regions into Core-, Adjacent-, and Periphery regions. The CAP model is significant in so far that it can be extended into a multi-regional CAP model to provide a framework for analysing the forces of agglomeration and dispersion at the national regional levels where the shocks of economic integration are initially felt. The analysis employs the Krugman Index to measure changes in the similarity/diversity of a region''s industry structure. The model furthermore develops a ‘manufacturing labor-land ratio'' to measure industry''s relative and absolute regional concentration. The methodology, analysis, and outcomes of this study could be of particular interest to professionals in the fields of Marketing and Communication, Urban and Industrial Park planners, Real Estate Developers, and Regional Economic Development and Policy Planners.
The Economic Geography Effects on the National Regions of Spain