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Valuing Companies in Emerging Markets

Valuing Companies in Emerging Markets

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Emerging markets offer a wealth of opportunities to investors. However, very little is known about how real managers and analysts appraise the economic value of acquisitions and investment projects in an emerging market such as Nigeria. Given the high risks of emerging markets and increased interests of investors in such markets, it is of great importance to research how practitioners carry out valuation in emerging markets. This book reviews different methods of valuation and the adjustments used for emerging markets. It investigates the valuation methods employed by managers of finance, investors and financial advisors in Nigeria in comparison with best practices recommended in literature. Quantitative analyses of survey data in the book show the percentage of practitioners using a particular method of valuation and the areas of highest uncertainty. Country specific issues such as computing country and market specific risk premiums are revealed. These analyses should be particularly useful to financial and business analysts, valuation practitioners, students of finance, companies and intending investors in emerging markets.
The Case of Nigeria