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International Freight Transportation

International Freight Transportation

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International freight transportation is an old research topic. However, huge changes have happened to international freight transporation, in volume, value and scope. The globalization has enriched the concept of transportation. Consequently, renewed perspectives should be given to the academic work on international freight transportation. Highlighting the role of multinational corporates, which are believed to be the key factor in globalization, this book employs the perspective from multinational corporates to make an up-to-date academic job on international freight transportation. Based on interviews with eleven Swedish companies and two Chinese companies, this book offers a general picture of multinational corporates'' freight transportation activities in China-Sweden trade, and explores the reasons by comparison with related theories. This work can provide useful information for some organizations who want to open business on freight transportation in the China-Sweden line and for some companies who want to improve their established business in this field, and also for policy makers at the country level or regional level in both countries.
A Study on MNC-based China-Sweden Trade Flows