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French Transport and Logistics Company Motives of Internationalization

French Transport and Logistics Company Motives of Internationalization

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Nowadays internationalization has become a growing trend for companies to expand their businesses. The global market place provides various attractive opportunities, nevertheless hides many challenges and risks. Thus taking into account the increasing role of internationalization for a company''s survival and the complexity it possesses, the issues related to the internationalization are of increasing significance. The investigation part is devoted to the analyse of a French transportation and logistics service company "MTE" Lmt internationalization process. It has launched a joint venture with Latvian log transportation company "HTML" Lmt in order to satisfy French forestry sector demand of log transportation services. The purpose of the present thesis is to investigate and analyse the French company''s "MTE" Lmt internationalization process by identifying the main motivation factors to launch international activities, company''s internal and external environment factors influencing the choice of foreign market entry mode. At the same time, various international risk groups will be identified that have created challenges in the joint venture collaboration process.
French Transport and Logistics Company "MTE" Lmt Motives of Internationalization and its Further Development