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Regional Integration in Theory and Practice

Regional Integration in Theory and Practice

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Regional Integration in Theory and Practice This book examines significant and important questions in connection with the economics of regional integration, using ASEAN as a case study. Among these important questions are: Will the formation of a Regional Trade Agreement increase intra-regional market interdependency or regionalization? How can an increase in regionalization measured? Are RTAs and the multilateral trade system complementing or conflicting? What would be the relationship between RTAs and foreign direct investment flows? The authors use ASEAN economies as a case study to show whether there are similarities and differences between ASEAN and integrations in other regions of the world. Moreover, they identify areas of deficiency that ASEAN should address in order to be able to move forward. The book makes significant contribution in understanding of the problems facing ASEAN and what it can do to possibly correct those problems. The findings and conclusions of the book are not only valuable to ASEAN policy makers and member and non-member countries but are important additions to the literature on the economics of regional integration.
A Case Study of ASEAN