Sustainable Coffee   The green gold of Chiapas

Sustainable Coffee The green gold of Chiapas

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A cup of coffee stimulates your mind they say. That is true. This is what happened to me. I was on my way home to Stockholm after a weekend similar to a military drafting outside London. In other words, I was all worn out. I strolled into one of Starbucks coffee shops at a train station in London. Surrounding wallpapers welcomed me saying “Shade grown coffee from Chiapas”. I ordered the coffee and read the brochure about Starbucks program for Sustaining Coffee Communities that was placed on the desk. The coffee and the brochure woke me up. It led me all the way up to the mexican highlands in the state of Chiapas. I wanted to find out if Fair Trade could be a way to achieve sustainable development for the marginalized Maya indigenous people? As consumers we can all raise our awareness. Further more, we have the freedom of choice what to buy. Fair Trade Coffee is an alternative for each and one of us consumers in a free market. I hope this study can serve as a guide for you and enlighten your path while making your own decision. How would you like your Coffee?
Maya indigenous people producing and commercializing Fair Trade coffee in Chiapas Mexico