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Competitiveness of Cereals in International Trade

Competitiveness of Cereals in International Trade

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This book encompasses modern theoretical and applied methods of analysing competitiveness in international trade. The text systematically investigates the pattern of Hungarian cereals trade over a decade and thereby it presents applied methods used in agricultural economics to analyse competitiveness and comparative advantage of agricultural products. The first part of the book reviews the theoretical literature of competitiveness and related measurement methods and thereby creates a common framework in demonstrating the theoretical backgrounds of competitiveness and comparative advantages. Besides analysing the characteristics of Hungarian cereals trade, the second part applies and tests the recognised methods in various dimensions. By reading the text, one gets acquainted with the methods of measuring competitiveness in international trade as well as their exact applications. The book is useful for everyone interested in the field of agricultural economics and provides a good basis for analysing trade-based competitiveness of any sector in the future.
The Case of Hungary