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FDI Determinants In Pre And Deregulated Nigerian Economy

FDI Determinants In Pre And Deregulated Nigerian Economy

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Nigeria is an investment haven with a population of over 160 million people and endowed with natural resources. A country with large expanse of arable land and blessed with good weather. It runs a consistent democratic government and very friendly investment policy. The transformation agenda of the current government has opened up the place and attracted both domestic and foreign investment. There are still lots of investment opportunities in the area of Oil, Gas, Electricity, Mining, Agriculture, Construction, Aviation, Rail, Banking, Insurance, Education, Health, Information Technology, Telecommunications, etc. The government of the day is putting adequate security in place to make Nigeria the investment hub of Africa. The book is a must read for Investors, Researchers, University teachers, and any other category of persons who are interested in trying to find out what is needed to know about what may determine your investing in Nigeria.