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SUKUK - the Islamic bonds: Risks and Challenges

SUKUK - the Islamic bonds: Risks and Challenges

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Islamic banking is by name is not mere a concept but a complete conduct of financial structure. Islamic finance is based on prohibition of riba (interest), gharrar (uncertainty) and maysir (gambling). The core concept of Islamic finance is not new to the world since its foundations were explained in teachings of Holy Quran and Ahadithes of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu Ailehe Wasallam). The beginning of formal Islamic financial institutions in 1970s lead the financial world to a new era. Since then financial experts are analyzing products. Main hub of Islamic finance is South East Asia, centered in Bahrain, Malaysia and GCC. The establishment of retail Islamic financial institutions developed the need for secondary markets and tools to deal in Islamic financial models and transactions. Islamic bonds are based on the techniques taught by Islamic jurisprudence. These bonds are need of time for Islamic and conventional financial institutions. This book covers development of such tools and their analysis in Islamic financial world.
Islamic Finance