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International Interdependence and Conflict Mitigation

International Interdependence and Conflict Mitigation

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Industrial Revolution had its roots in production and trade of cotton textiles. With the advent of Industrial Revolution, in search of raw materials and expansion of markets, the industrialized countries plundered and colonized the backward nations. In the quest to expand trade, where on one hand canals, roads and railways were built, on the other hand, the resources, both, human and material, were gravely exploited. Moreover, prior to 1995, for over forty years, developed countries protected their Textile and Clothing (T&C) sector through stringent quota regime which meant outright rejection of the principle purpose of GATT of moving the global trading system towards liberalized trade. Owing to conflicting interests of its member nations, WTO is in a deadlock state today. Today, in fact, is the era of regional/preferential/free trade agreements which majorly influence the trade flows. The authors, thus, attempt to explore the effects of global T&C trade on conflict or vice-versa wherein respective trade disputes between countries are considered as international conflicts.
Case of Global Textiles and Clothing (T&C) Trade