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Foreign Direct Investments and Developing Economies

Foreign Direct Investments and Developing Economies

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Foreign direct investment (FDI) is regarded as the fastest growing economic indicator of globalisation and development. However, the question of whether FDI is beneficial to developing economies is still widely debated among researchers. More so the erosion of previous economic barriers has given rise to industrialisation and production diversification among world economies. This has in turn, brought about a seemingly reversal of roles between the rich north that was mostly lending and the poor south that were mostly borrowers. The book highlights the importance of FDI as well as the problems associated with it. It also reviews the literature on the determinants of FDI inflow. More so, it contains an empirical analysis of factors influencing FDI flow into developing countries, using Nigeria and India as a case study. The findings of the analysis reported therein offers one the opportunity of understanding the perception about the two countries development. The book provides a great insight on the subject matter and due to its simplicity, it should be useful as a basic introductory text on the subject of FDI and its relationship with macroeconomic variables.