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Financial Democracy

Financial Democracy

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Drawing on experiences from US and UK, this book present a research analysis of the changes in the retail credit markets, lending and borrowing on the fringes and associated questions of financial democratisation. Specifically, it concentrates on the changes in credit accessibility, the rise of the subprime market and credit boom for those who were previously excluded. With a focus on the recent subprime and global financial crisis which came into prominence from autumn 2007-2010, the book present analysis of the ensuing debates on credit availability, accessibility and affordability. Overall, the analysis offered situates these changes and developments in the financialisation of economic life; processes understood as produced through three co-constitutive forces of financialised accumulation, financialised risk management, and financialised discipline. The book is recommended for students and scholars of political economy, cultural economy, finance and international studies. It is also essential for policy makers, financial market practitioners and individuals.
Subprime, Fringe Credit and Crisis