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Service Science, New Reflections For A Nowadays Destination Management

Service Science, New Reflections For A Nowadays Destination Management

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We live in a Service Age. In everyday life, as well as in business management, every action, behavior, process, strategy is increasingly oriented to service. Tourist business is strongly affected by service sciences principles, in fact in Tourism both the internal organization and the external promotion are strictly related to service. Moreover we can observe how all relationships for tourism development for wise and competitive destination management are based on service logics. Thus this paper wants to highlight the relevant role of new service paradigms within the strategic and operative models of destination management and the significant contribution coming from Service Science, Management and Engineering and Design. After an analysis of the common behavior of tourism destination’s actors, a comparison between different statistical trends stimulating a transition toward the Service Age was deployed; then direct effects of checked changes on nowadays destination systems were deepened, highlighting an emerging common vision for organization, operations, strategies, marketing and developments on tourist services.
A "Think Tank" for the interpretation of two Italian case studies, as evidences of general tourism business trends