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Exploring Predatory Pricing

Exploring Predatory Pricing

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Globalisation as well as possibilities of merging with other firms can give more opportunities for firms to survive. In some cases even more market power could be obtained and abused. As the fight for market share is taking on a new dimension with firms using a wealth of tactics, it cannot be excluded that some may want to resort to predatory pricing. Is the current legislation designed to defend those encumbered by major market players using predatory pricing techniques? Is it able to defend all possible sufferers, including customers? If the answer is in the negative, then how to draw the line between legal and predatory pricing? Isn’t it high time that present day legislation was changed to reflect present day firms’ likely thinking? This book answers these questions. It also explores the laws that companies need to observe as well as discusses ways forward so that customers’ welfare can increase.
Appropriate Price Setting and Its Boundaries