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Successful Strategies of MNCs in Central and Eastern Europe

Successful Strategies of MNCs in Central and Eastern Europe

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Central and Eastern Europe experienced profound changes for the past two decades as its economies progressed in their transition from communist central planning to market principles. Although the literature recognizes the importance of understanding how companies can unlock the full potential of these markets, few studies provide a framework that explains and predicts success. This book uses an original methodology and first-hand viewpoints to uncover successful approaches of multinational companies in the region. Some of the results are surprising. The winners of strategic adaptation to a changing business environment are not always emulating their surroundings. Instead of seizing opportunities, some push forward their carefully cultivated capabilities. The analysis should help corporate level executives identify viable regional strategies and local subsidiary managers establish sustainable business models. The book is a timely contribution that brings public policy into perspective. The treatment of organizations as interpretative systems has vast applicability for research.
Adapting to Transition and Beyond