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Outward Investment from Emerging Markets

Outward Investment from Emerging Markets

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Internationalization has been undertaken as an important strategy for companies to integrate into the global markets. Historically, foreign investors from Western developed countries have played major roles in this area. Nevertheless, over the last few years, outward foreign investment from developing countries is growing at a fast rate and this new phenomenon has caused many international researchers'' attention. Traditional international theories are mainly derived from the multinational enterprises from the Western developed countries, and very little academic literature exists on how to decide the market entry strategy in the context of firms from developing countries entering developed countries. Drawn largely from the primary interviews of Chinese small-and-medium sized enterprises (CSMEs) investing in the UK, this book provides valuable insights of CSMEs market entry mode choices. The findings presented in this book is especially useful to international researchers, managers and policy makers, or anyone else who are interested in Chinese firms'' foreign investment in the context of entering Western developed countries.
Experiences of Chinese SME Managers