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Managing International Assignments

Managing International Assignments

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In the age of globalization, the management of international assignments is becoming central to both the competitive advantage of organizations and the mission of international human resource managers (IHRM). Managing international talent grows in importance; and so it does the interest in issues of cultural differences, expatriation and cross-cultural adjustment. This book, therefore, provides new insights on the organizational factors affecting the adjustment, satisfaction and withdrawal intentions of international employees. Two distinct and separate studies, involving expatriates and repatriates, explore the antecedents and outcomes of cross- cultural adjustment. The analyses show organizational culture affects cross-cultural adjustment, general assignment satisfaction, and withdrawal intentions; and yet, adjustment does not influence general satisfaction with the assignment. Besides, expatriates'' satisfaction with the assignment predicts withdrawal intentions. Altogether, these results provide new insights on the question of expatriation success, and are especially helpful to International Managers, as to anyone aiming to do an international assignment.
The effects of organizational culture on cross-cultural adjustment, general satisfaction and withdrawal intentions