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Determinants of Repatriation Adjustment

Determinants of Repatriation Adjustment

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Repatriation adjustment is widely researched in developed countries. This study intended to contribute to the Malaysian literature pertaining to this subject. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of individual variable (self- efficacy), job variables role clarity, role conflict, role discretion, and role novelty), organizational variable (social support), and non- work variable (culture novelty) on the three dimensions of repatriation adjustment psychological well-being, socio-cultural adjustment, and work adjustment). Data were collected from 104 Malaysian repatriates. It was found that external self- efficacy impacted on psychological well-being and work adjustment. In relationship between job variables with repatriation adjustment, only role conflict showed a negative relationship with psychological well-being. However, the present study was not able to support the relationship between social support and repatriation adjustment. For the non-work variable, it was found that only culture novelty--basic elements, had a negative relationship with psychological well-being.
Malaysian Case