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Growth,Unemployment and Poverty: A Case Study of Pakistan (1972-2006)

Growth,Unemployment and Poverty: A Case Study of Pakistan (1972-2006)

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Growth, Unemployment and Poverty in Pakistan Growth is the most imperative and momentous apparatus for both developed and developing countries to trim down the fundamental problems of unemployment and poverty. Being a developing nation, Pakistan''s growth occurrence reveals fluctuation.This study attempts to evaluate empirically the role of growth on unemployment and poverty for Pakistan from 1972-2006. The sources of growth are the central character of all economic policies. The interaction between capital, labor, openness of trade, foreign direct investment and inflation have occurred significant position as factors of growth and these variables are used in this study. Not only growth but also pattern of growth is now become a highway towards the sustained growth and to minimize the crucial problems of unemployment. Unemployment is the wastage of valuable human resources. Unemployment makes severe the problem of poverty. This study is based on Two Stage Least Square. The empirical results show that growth has no significant impact on unemployment and poverty. Sustained growth with employment generation can minimize poverty.
Subtitle Growth,Unemployment and Poverty in Pakistan