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The Development of Informal Traders in Zimbabwe

The Development of Informal Traders in Zimbabwe

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This study sought to investigate the challenges faced by the informal cross border traders (ICBTs) plying the Harare -Johannesburg route from 2006 to 2010. The study shows that informal cross border traders encounter a lot of challenges during the conduct of their business. Some of these challenges, in terms of severity include border formalities, lack of government support and high transport costs. Informal traders are not organized and do not join associations. This study recommends that informal cross border traders'' associations embark on recruitment campaigns to educate the informal cross border traders about the benefits they get by belonging to an association. It also encourages associations to come up with savings clubs to mobilize funds from members for loaning to those members in need at an interest. Finally it also recommends that the government come up with a set of relaxed regulations that would create a non–formal board to oversee the informal trade activities. It would then make it mandatory for informal traders to register with the board, making it easier to monitor, regulate and intervene.
The challenges facing the cross border traders using the Harare-Johannesburg route from 2006 to 2o10