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The Multicultural Organization

The Multicultural Organization

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Typical private sector industrial organizations in the Gulf States have a common characteristic which is the multinational make-up of the workforce. Each one of these nationality has its unique culture which has influence on the way that an individual behaves, acts or responds to various situations or events in the work environment. This research studies the case of Sohar Insurance Company which based in Oman. The research focuses on all levels of management within the company headquarters which contains of seven different nationalities: British, Iranian, Indian, Sudanese, Jordanian, Egyptian, and Omani in order to study the influence of different cultures on the way managers manage and interact within Sohar Insurance Company and the influence of Sohar Insurance Company''s culture on managing those different cultures. The research has found national culture has a big influence on the way managers manage and interact within Sohar Insurance Company. In addition, it has found that Sohar Insurance Company does not enhance and manage the cultures differences of the managers which create intercultural communication breakdown and conflicts.
A Case Study of Sohar Insurance Company