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The Image of Turkish Industrial Products for Export

The Image of Turkish Industrial Products for Export

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Turkey's National Image which has neither been calculated nor measured but affected its Foreign Trade negatively to a great extent in the International Arena now at a time when Turkey is planning to increase its Foreign Trade in particular its export by increasing momentum. Quality product and timely marketing activities are the most important main resources of Automotive, Logistics, Tourism and Agriculture industries which have a justified reputation and image in winning such values. Low quality products and unfavorable actions of industrial companies including in particular some heavy industries have affected all industrial companies country-wide adversely in export for years. It is time for Turkey that has undergone an Industrialization and Development process in a short period of time should start the studies to recover and correct her International Image. This book has been prepared to attract attention to this subject and activities which may be carried out in this respect and also tried to explain one of the main disadvantage of that Turkey has “IMAGE” on International base by presenting of problems, reasons and development of Foreign Trade of Turkey.
State of Image of Turkey and of Turkish Products in International Arena