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Transnational Corporations in a Globalized Economy

Transnational Corporations in a Globalized Economy

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The monograph covers the current problems of the formation and development of transnational corporations in a globalized economy. The study conducted by the authors includes the analysis of the evolution of views on the meaning, forms and models of economic globalization. A particular attention is paid to disclosure of the nature and mechanisms of transnational corporations functioning, to consideration of the TNCs’ competitive advantages and the evolution of their organizational and economic forms of activity. There were analyzed the current trends of TNCs development, identified the peculiar features of their formation in developed and transitive economies. As a result, there was elaborated a model of transnationalization of the Russian corporate structures, which gives grounds for practical guidelines on increasing the foreign expansion of the Russian corporations. The monograph is recommended for senior students of economic programs, graduate students, academics and corporate sector management
Development of TNC's in a globalized economy