A Theory of Capitalist Society  and   Social Dialectics

A Theory of Capitalist Society and Social Dialectics

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From the author of “Stream of Connections Through Power, Time, Space and Value”, “Marxian Theory and Socialism in Turkey” and “A Theory of Capitalist Urbanization: David Harvey”.... An attempt to build a Marxist grand theory of capitalist social relations, dialectically connecting its economic, political, ideological, cultural and psychological spheres... Conceiving dialectics as the form of all host-alien relations with their concrete, spatial and temporal characteristics...by arguing that there are limited number of general root contradictory relations such as surplus producer versus surplus appropriators, rulers versus ruleds, ideologues versus practical thinkers, and man versus woman... Replacing the architectural metaphors within social analysis with geometrical, geographical as well as biological ones such as spheres, circles, toroids, borders, ocean, seas, lakes, fertilization, sperms, uterus, egg from a cubic mode of seeing and presentation...