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Female Entrepreneurs: Orchids in the Forest

Female Entrepreneurs: Orchids in the Forest

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"For a wonderful and highly original metaphor of the orchid used throughout the whole work where we see and follow, empirically and theoretically, several female entrepreneurs in their path of hard work and success; for a penetrating and insightful empirical data gathering;for a clever and rewarding interpretation and for a far reaching encouragement to all females to step into the entrepreneurial world." - Prof.Dr. Philippe Daudi, Head of the master program of Leadership and management in International Program, Linnaeus University, Sweden. This work has been awarded the prize of "Outstanding Master's Thesis with Great Originality and Sharp Insight" during the academic year 2010-2011 of Linnaeus University and received SEK 20,000 granted through funding provived by Kalmar Handlande Borgares Foundation. Read more about the authors' research from www.femesh.com
-Conditions for female start-ups