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Financial Performance Analysis in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh

Financial Performance Analysis in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh

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The research has discussed about financial performance of HSBC and has analyzed the financial performance of the major competitors in a comparable format. For ease of understanding the study has been segmented into six chapters, each of which are assigned in a sequential order to reveal into main findings. The first part of the study discussed its origin, objective, scopes, methodologies followed and limitations. The second part of the study depicted information regarding organizational overview of HSBC, which has covered the historical background, introduction of group, products, organizational structure and different activities of HSBC in Bangladesh. The third part shows the financial analysis of HSBC and the fourth chapter focuses on competitor analysis. Then fifth chapter comes up with findings of the analysis while sixth chapter focuses on recommendations and conclusions. The competitors analyzed in this report along with HSBC are Standard Chartered Bank, Citi NA, Prime Bank, BRAC Bank, Dhaka Bank and Bank Asia. Financial analysis in the third and fourth chapter has been done with some key statistics. Figures are shown in a compatible form and summarized in appendices.
with a Special Focus on HSBC