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10,000 "Likes" for Safety

10,000 "Likes" for Safety

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The complexity of the environment of a science laboratory predisposes it to various hazards. The inevitability of accident occurrence associated with the presence of these hazards is imminent, however, preventable. Hence, the awareness and practice of laboratory safety among laboratory users are necessary to prevent accidents in the laboratory. One of the activities in the promotion of safety in the laboratory is health education. It is a method that can be done in numerous pedagogical approaches. However, studies have reported that more learners are supplementing or replacing these approaches with resources they uncover over the Internet. An available technology is online social networking. Various studies have also emphasized the online social networking sites' prominence, especially among the youth, and potential as an alternative learning resource. This book looks into the potential of integrating instructional materials in Facebook on developing learners’ awareness and practice of laboratory safety - a novel study on the use of online social networking in safety pedagogy in the science laboratory dedicated to the Net-centric and Web 2.0 generation.
Online social networking and safety in the laboratory