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Stress Management Among Civil Servants in Kenya

Stress Management Among Civil Servants in Kenya

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‘Retirement is inevitable at a certain stage, however, when the time comes do not let stress manage you, manage it’. Retirement therefore is an animal that we cannot run away from as long as we are working as civil servants or any other employees. This book therefore highlights and discusses the various forms of retirement stress that civil servants encounter. To conger the various forms of stress, the book further highlights the stress management programs that ought to be put in place to ensure that retirees live peacefully. Finally, the book has also enumerated and discussed the challenges that retired civil servants face in their lives. In the end, the book has given a clear and concise summary as well as recommendations in relation to stress and stress management among civil servants. It is therefore our hope that the book will be beneficial not only to the retired civil servants but also to those who are still in employment.
Stress and Stress Management Among Retired Civil Servants in Kenya; Keiyo, Elgeyo Marakwet County