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Teaching Speaking Skills through Role Play

Teaching Speaking Skills through Role Play

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This book is important to all language teachers and students specially to those who use communicative acctivities like role play to teach and learn one of the productive skills i.e., speaking skill. In addition,education stakeholders who are interested to know teachers' perceptions and applications of communicative activities such as role play in teaching speaking skills can easily get an idea from the book and use it in their career. The findings of the study in the mentioned area reveales that teachers have perceived role play positively. However, in spite of their positive perceptions, their applications of role play were found low. Among the factors affecting the teachers effective implementations of role play were; inappropriate classroom setting, large class size, lack of teacher’s guide, shortage of authentic materials, shortage of supportive instructional materials and lack of training in CLT. Consequently, recommendations like the Ministry of Education (MoE) should revise the present curriculum and enroll more communicative activities like role play, secondary school language teachers should be given in-service training, and so on are given.
Teachers' Perceptions and Applications