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Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

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The effectiveness of mobile learning systems in helping learners to acquire learning in different subjects has been demonstrated in several researches. Since acquiring programming language is a challenging task, this research focuses on the advantage of mobile learning and considers the complexity of the programming language acquisition process. In addition, it utilizes the teaching of programming language skills using visualization. Various methodologies were implemented in different system Lifecycle phases. The system is analyzed based on the Koole (2009) FRAME model, designed with software modelling approaches implemented in a Codeigniter framework. The system has been evaluated using a usability test, satisfaction survey and learning outcomes evaluation quiz. The evaluation carried out inadequate learning outcome achievement rate with a good satisfaction scale and highlights a range of usability issues. The students were able to acquire the declarative-conceptual knowledge and Declarative-conceptual knowledge through system lessons and provided visual objects.
For Acquiring Computer Programming Language Skills