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Initial Teachers Preparation

Initial Teachers Preparation

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Teacher education (TE) is a process of preparing individuals for the profession of teaching; therefore it is indispensable to understand the Initial teacher preparation. This is because it has been observed that the deterioration of education quality in schools is partly attributed to the way in which teachers are prepared. Both novice and experienced teachers face challenges in contextual teaching, however challenges become more critical to novice due to lack of experience. The book describes how a teacher is prepared both in pedagogical content knowledge (knowledge related to the act of teaching)and subject content knowledge. Further it highlights some challenges to student teachers ahead post-qualification practice,and shows that disparities in the way teachers are prepared is directly reflected in their post-qualification practice. This book is useful to teacher educators in improving their practices; Curriculum developers and Policy makers in planning and developing teacher education programs.
Experience of Novice Teachers in Implementing Knowledge Learnt from Initial Teachers' Preparation