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Peace, Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Development

Peace, Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Development

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The academic study of Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution is relatively new. Very few academics have written in this area. This volume is meant to provide academics, peace practitioners and other interested parties with more literature in this area. The volume is also designed to enrich readers with knowledge and skills on how to prevent a culture of violence and create a culture of peace in their day to day life. This volume covers the meaning of Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution, the relationship between conflict and development, processes involved in resolving conflicts, conflict analysis, gender issues in peace and conflict, international law, the concept of governance, psychological issues in peace and conflict and peace ethics. With globalisation and information technology at hand, dissemination of information on peace leadership, conflict resolution and development becomes a possibility. The online publications are becoming popular to most scholars and lecturers alike. Justification of this publication is therefore found.