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Emotions and L2 Motivation

Emotions and L2 Motivation

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The ‘how’ of motivating language learners varies contextually, hence many motivational strategies are apt for a limited number of contexts. Finding ‘universal motivational strategies’ entails investigating what is common between language learners. Since humans are emotional beings and as emotions are universal, there can be a number of motivational strategies which can be universal if they deal with language learners’ emotions effectively. To this end, this book, besides investigating the probable effects of Emotional Intelligence (EI) awareness-raising activities on language learning motivation, also explores the links between emotions (discussed in the realm of EI) and L2 motivational strategies so as to propound universal motivational strategies, the five conceptualized of which are developing a personal relationship with students, diminishing language anxiety, promoting learner autonomy, increasing learner satisfaction, and promoting effort attributions. These are respectively germane to EI skills of interpersonal relationships, stress tolerance, independence, self-regard, and optimism. The book can be useful for applied linguistics researchers as well as language teachers.
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