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Perfomance of staff in Tivet Institutions

Perfomance of staff in Tivet Institutions

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TIVET Education is an occupational field to provide the foundation for productive and satisfying careers and at the same time offer specialized preparation for initial employment, including self employment.It is therefore proposed that technical development and self employment programmes be provided to enhance employment creation and hence reduce poverty.Staff performance is a critical aspect of an organizations ability to meet its objectives, survive, and thrive. Best practice in staff performance involves a full range of managerial practices. For this reason, the study sought to investigate the factors influencing performance of staff in TIVET Institutions. This book therefore provides ways of improving performance of staff. The data employed factor analysis and descriptive statistics. The analysis is significant to scholars, stakeholders in Education, professionals, managers, and anyone who wants to improve staff performance. And also to governments, to continue gathering information to eliminate poverty and empower citizens with education and quality life.
Factors influencing performance of staff in public technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurship training