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Handloom weaver’s co-operative societies

Handloom weaver’s co-operative societies

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Handloom industry is one of the oldest industries in India. It is the largest cottage industry in India, which plays a very important role in the country’s economic development and constitutes an integral part of rural life. It is providing direct and indirect employment to people next only to agriculture in India. Basically, it is a labour intensive and family based industry in which all the members of the family can participate. The purpose of this study remains to introduce students to exciting and challenging subject of handloom society activities which draws on several development of handloom weavers cooperative society in order to elucidate and understand the development difficulties facing the economics of the world. The book combines description and analysis for an understanding of the handloom weavers cooperative society issues that comprise the subject matter of economic development The analysis part addresses the linkages of handloom weavers cooperative society and weavers problems in the economy .The study discusses the measurement to improve the society