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Educational Inequality among Social Groups in India

Educational Inequality among Social Groups in India

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Present study looked into the inequalities related to social status in educational enrolment at various levels. This study also examined the disparity in higher educational attainment led employment among social groups. For the present study unit data from NSSO 64th round on “Participation and Expenditure in Education” 2007-08 data is used. The three states namely Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan have been selected from high, medium and low category of literacy respectively. To examine the inequality among social groups at different educational levels, concentration index and coefficient of equality index has been used. The computed CI values for graduate and above indicates educational inequality is highest in Rajasthan followed by Karnataka and Maharashtra. The CEI value shows strikingly high inequality in Karnataka, whereas there is considerable less enrolment in SCs/STs as compared to other castes in all the three states. Disparity is highest in Karnataka and lowest in Rajasthan between caste groups in employment those who completed graduate and above courses and currently engaged in regular wage/salary.
Educational Inequalities among Social Groups in India: A Comparative Study of Selected States