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A Study On Government & Private Elementary Teacher Education

A Study On Government & Private Elementary Teacher Education

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This book is intended to conduct a Case study of the Present status of Elementary Teacher Education.In this book author has been taken two Elementary Teacher Training colleges of Private and Government Colleges. Also keen to find out whether implementations of Training programme to train student-teacher are adequate or not and if there exists any such lacunae between the visualization of progaramme on paper and its actual implementation.The following aspects of the institution studied comprehensively and comparatively in both Private and Government Elementary Teacher Education Institutions. Studied Aspects are as follows: (A) Academic aspects in terms of • Teaching-learning Process • Practical work • Co-curricular Activities (B) Administrative aspects in terms of • Salary of staff , Scholarship of students • Physical and Instructional facilities Therefore, through this book the reader can get to know the wholistic structure and functioning of Elementary Teacher Education in India and Specifically in Gujarat.
A Case Study