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Impact of the Education for Sustainability Master's Programme

Impact of the Education for Sustainability Master's Programme

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This study assessed the impact of the Education for Sustainability (EfS) Master’s programme on professional development as perceived by African alumni of London South Bank University. It identified the sample of alumni’s expectations and aspirations for undertaking the programme and explored how they perceived they had changed in their professional practice as a result of it. It explored the impact of this change on their professional development. Data was collected through a survey, interviews and documentary analysis. The study established that the EfS programme was successful in bringing about change in student attitudes to and knowledge of sustainability. There was evidence of positive change in learning methods and adaptability of the alumni facilitated by South Bank’s distance learning model; and the demands and conflicts the course makes on adult students. In addition, the alumni’s employability potential also developed. The study highlighted the significance of the delivery model in influencing learning and the value of tutor support, communities of learning and contextual learning which contributed to the programme being of impact.
Perceptions on Professional Development of African Alumni from London South Bank University