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Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa

Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa

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Africa has a high rate of youth unemployment amidst plenty of self-employment opportunities. Much of the unemployment results from the high school dropout rates. Teaching at schools aims mainly at preparing the youth for wage employment. Parents urge their children to study to obtain good wage employment. When pupils and students who have not been oriented to self-employment drop out of school or when those who successfully finish schooling fail to get a job, they are unable to consciously scan the environment for business opportunities to start own businesses. This book is about inculcating an entrepreneurship culture among the youth. It is designed to assist the youth move away from the predominately white collar job mentality and start developing a blue collar mentality as a viable alternative.The book is designed to assist both the parent and the early childhood teacher use games and activities that are not only fun for the child but also instil a culture of entrepreneurship.The contents of the book are a result of the author's extensive entrepreneurship research. It is recommended that the reader uses the book as a guide to generate appropriate activities to suit a situation.
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