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ESL Reading Comprehension in High School, Students'Request

ESL Reading Comprehension in High School, Students'Request

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The intention of this study was to investigate what are second cycle secondary students’ favorite teaching techniques regarding learning reading comprehension in a second language inside the classroom. Another aim was to find out what was their favorite competency to practice during class hours. The best available method to pursue this study was a quantitative survey method. The questionnaire focused on different reading comprehension teaching techniques that are often used inside classrooms. Students had to position themselves in terms or enjoyment of certain teaching techniques used inside the classroom. The results of the study indicated that students understand the values of doing the majority of reading exercises proposed inside the classroom, but were sometimes experiencing some form of anxiety, laziness and resistance with some of those activities. The main conclusion is that teachers need to combine some of the students’ favorite teaching ESL reading comprehension techniques and also use some techniques that aren't enjoyed as much by students.