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The Impact of Induction Program

The Impact of Induction Program

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Induction programs aims supporting novice teachers at the crucial stage when they change from beginner to experience and to help them to adapt to the realities of teaching in school. Therefore, induction program enhance the performance of new deployed teachers, those who are done the activity well in respective schools of Ethiopia. The purpose of this study was to assess the impacts of induction program in enhancing the performance of new deployed teachers in Oromiya Regional State of secondary school of North Shoa Zonal Administration. In the course of the study focuses on the impacts of induction program contribute to enhancing their performance of newly deployed teachers,practice of induction program,organization support that the teachers get during induction program, challenges of induction program in implementation are seen. On the bases of findings the study it is recommended that Oromiya Regional Education Bureau, Woreda Education Office,Zone Education Office and concerned stakeholders should support the induction program and ensure continued learning in the school organization, continuous onsite support, and the assignment of mentors based on the guideline of MoE.
In Enhancing the Performance of Teachers in Oromia National Regional State: Case of Secondary Schools of North Shoa Zone