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An Active Learning Strategy Model Using Religious Drama

An Active Learning Strategy Model Using Religious Drama

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The Center for Religious Education in Aquinas University of Legazpi utilizes drama as a learning activity for the students to understand better the theological and religious concepts discussed in religious education courses. After six years of successive performances, the Sinagoga activity, where religious drama is being presented roughly considered to be contributing to the learning of the students. In order to substantiate fully this claim, the activity itself was assessed and sought to determine the following objectives: (1) to show “Sinagoga” (Religious Drama) as a religious activity and a religious experience; (2) to justify or warrant active learning as an ideal and real mode of learning for religious education; (3) to provide/construct a model on active learning in Religious Education using Religious Drama. This research undertaking is a qualitative one, employing three methods namely: phenomenology, foundational research, and grounded theory. The data is treated and interpreted using phenomenology, meta-analysis, and constructivist approach.