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ICT literacy of Nigerian secondary students

ICT literacy of Nigerian secondary students

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Education is a veritable means of human capitaldevelopment. The senior secondary education equipsits beneficiaries for the job market or tertiaryeducation. For the senior secondary school leaver tofit into either market, now increasingly driven bythe ICTs, computer literacy counts.Therefore, it is right that Nigeria’s basic andsenior secondary education curricula provide forcomputer education. But, reports show that Nigeria,as one of the developing countries in the sub-SaharanAfrican region, is backward in ICTs. For the seniorsecondary school leaver, this might constitute athreat to employment and further education.The ICT literacy of Nigerian secondary students is areport on the assessment of the ICTs literacy levelsamong some randomly selected final year (seniorsecondary or SS III) students of some randomlyselected public and private Senior Secondary Schoolsin Enugu Education Zone of Enugu State of Nigeria.The selected students were practically tested in wordprocessing, ability to access the Web for browsing,and ability to manage Web contents.
Comparative study of private and public schools