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The Impact of Refreshment Training for School Improvement

The Impact of Refreshment Training for School Improvement

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Assessing the impact of the refreshment training conducted in 2002 E.C by HCTE in the primary schools of Harari region, for school improvement was the concern of this study. The study was conducted in selected primary schools of Harari region on teachers who received the refreshment program given by Harar College of Teachers Education in 2002 E.C. In order to measure school improvement teaching learning activity (active learning, lesson planning, and assessment) and school environment (student centered activity, and student support) were used.The methodological frame work of this study was descriptive study. In order to select samples of the study stratified simple random sampling, and available sampling were employed. Questionnaires, observation checklist, and interview were used as a data gathering instruments for the purpose of this study.The data analysis was treated through descriptive statistics of mean, standard deviation, and percentage, and t-test was employed to test the difference among all the mean of different groups of respondents.
The Case of Primary Schools of Harari Region